Thursday, May 22, 2014

Meet...um...HELP ME NAME MY PUPPY!!!

I would like to introduce you to...um...puppy. He is our newest addition to the kennel! Yesterday we made a road trip to Illinois to an amazing kennel where we found this incredible, handsome, gentle, GIANT! We are looking forward to seeing some REALLY pretty puppies next year...BUT FIRST WE NEED IDEAS FOR NAMES!! Feel free to send me some ideas for really "manly and unique"  names. Nothing ordinary like "Bear" etc...something that says-wow! So, stay tuned...my next post will reveal the winner of the contest and his name.

These are a few shots of his younger days....

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Meet Surely

This is Surely....pronounced Shirley.
She is growing up at our kennel and we can't wait to see 
what an amazing mama she will be.
Surely is from JJ & Ivy and is a full English Cream Golden Retriever
Ivy's next litter will not be
until around Christmas or even early spring.